We take your privacy very seriously.

We collect only the information we absolutely need to verify your identity for data quality and to be sure who we are giving money to. Our official Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Official Rules.


What we will not do with your information:

  • Give, sell, or otherwise transfer your personal information to any company, group, person, or entitiy
  • Market products to you using the information you've provided us in your surveys
  • Make any attempt to collect credit card information or banking information from you

Privacy is always important. We are collecting only the information we must have to be sure we are getting answers from real people and giving money to real people. Our clients are not given any kind of option to see lists of people or email addresses for people who show an interest in a type of product. Our tool is used to collect thoughts and feedback, it is not a marketing service.


How we keep your money safe

We have no interest in collecting or storing your banking information. We will never ask for your banking or credit card information for any reason and you will never pay us for anything or have any money deposited or credited directly to an account. We have partnered with Tango Card ( www.tangocard.com ) to deliver your rewards. When you are ready to cash out, we instantly send the money to Tango Card and they generate a gift card of your choosing.

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