It seems so obvious for a product like this to be much more common, we don't know why it isn't. Companies want to know what people think. They want to know what is on your mind, what you like to buy, how you like to buy, and what you like to see from them. Of course they want to know these things, its how they make money. So we created Radial Insight to collect and deliver this information.

We've seen businesses happy to pay for small focus groups to come in and interact in person, and that is not a bad idea. But when you work with data scientists like we do, they want LOTS of data. You can't determine trends from a group of 20 or even 100 people in one city and expect that to apply to the entire country! You need a wide scope to show actionable trends.

This is what got us started; real data, real answers.

We created a platform for people from all over to be compensated for helping us gather this information. We need you to contribute thoughts and opinions and help us deliver thorough and valuable results to our clients, so we pay you for it.