Consumer surveys, new product testing, political surveys, market testing, video testing, anything you can think of.

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You need feedback, direction, new ideas

Focus groups serve a purpose, but not every question can be answered by sourcing, hiring, hosting, and listening to 20 strangers. We offer solutions in the sample size range of closer to 5,000 or 50,000. More diverse answers means you cover your bases better and get to see much more reliable trends that allow you to make informed decisions.

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Have a new idea for a product and want to see how people would react to different branding, imagery, or characteristics? We can host surveys including images or video for feedback as well as having survey takers manually color in sections of an image that call their attention with our Concept Highlighter.

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political opinions

New products are not the only thing that could use a little testing before broadcasting it nationally. Want to test out a new campaign, video ad, or ask people what they think about a new topic before speaking publicly about it? Want to see if you can hold an audience's attention through a new pitch?

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What do they really think?

Consumers speak with their wallets, but that doesn't mean you completely understand what they buy, where, how, and why. Diving deeper in to the minds of your customers will allow you to see gaps in your offering you missed before. Can also test new ideas and see customers would react.

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Business is good, and we are always looking for more teams to work with. Small business, huge business, political groups, anything!

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